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Nobody Rises to Low Expectations

Highlighting the bright spots in the current education system and shedding light on the practices that need to be improved, retired teacher and author Fred Bedell, EdD, shares his humble points of view through his book, Nobody Rises to Low Expectations: An Educational Modality Transforming Lives.


Education Is Everybody’s Business

Continuing his work in addressing the nation’s educational system, Education Is Everybody’s Business focuses on the variety of stakeholders in the education environment providing insights and recommendations in the hope that some solutions will be enacted.


The Role of Government in the Realms of Consumerism and Entrepreneurship

This book attempts to dispel negative perceptions about the government by offering specific examples regarding the health and safety of the American people, specifically in the areas of the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.


Historical Events as a Basis for Income Inequality and Social Injustice

This book focuses on the social construct of domination and subordination, and at the center of this concept is white supremacy/white privilege.


A Precis on “How Democracies Die as a Consequence of America’s Failure of Government Working for the People while Serving the Interests of the Wealthy”